Playing and learning

Adjectives Games in English Class

Written by the English department

What better way to end the week in school than playing and learning at the same time? 

Second year students in English class played eight different vocabulary games to learn how to accurately describe the people in their lives. During these activities, they learnt the use and meaning of several new adjectives. They had to work as a team in order to be the first ones to accurately complete the tasks assigned by the teacher. The competition and teamwork was fierce! 

At the end of the games, they discussed the words and phrases they had just learnt. Several students gave examples of the adjectives to describe people in their own lives. Best of all, they were able to make meaningful connections to words in Catalan whenever there was a word similar in their own native language.

Do not forget: you can also learn while you play….

Greetings from the English Department of Batxillerat!

Game One: “Adjectives connected with..

Each student team distributed different adjectives according to the categories of money, work, temperament, relationships, and the mind.

Game Two: “Visual Memory”

Students had 40 seconds to memorize and recall a list of adjectives that described body type, appearance, and hair types. Slender, Elderly, Balding, … time to put our memories to the test!

Game Three: “Matching Adjectives to definition

Each group worked as a team to test their previous knowledge and match adjectives to the correct definition. Hmm… what does it mean to be pigeon-toed?

Game Four: “Cross the odd-one-out”

Students decided which word was unrelated to the rest in a group.“Strange, odd, weird, ordinary, eccentric”: which do you think is the odd one out?

Game Five: “Connect to its opposite”

Are you weird or normal? Are you talkative or silent? Each team raced against the clock to find the opposite adjectives.

…And several more!

What other games can you think of to help you learn vocabulary?